Building Entrepreneurial Mindset and Capability

Innovation Associates has comprehensive expertise in entrepreneurial thinking and acting within large organizations. Building on over forty years of experience helping clients achieve their aspirational goals and incorporating the latest academic research, we offer consulting services to executives, facilitation processes for teams, and educational programs for innovators and their managers. Our programs and services will enable your organization to be substantially more effective achieving important outcomes when dealing with uncertain, or unpredictable business conditions.

Executive Briefing

Our ¾-day Executive Briefing  provides an overview of our approach and enables you and your colleagues to assess your current needs and capabilities and create a plan to meet them. It typically includes a 90-minute presentation for your Executive Team and other invited participants on the Act Learn Build model of entrepreneurial thought and action. This is followed by an Executive Team session for the remainder of the day during which you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the latest research and experience in how to enhance entrepreneurial thinking and acting in large enterprises
  • Explore the applicability of that research and of an entrepreneurial approach to your organization’s current challenges and goals
  • Identify potential next steps, including internal and external resources, processes and programs to support your entrepreneurial initiatives

Act Learn Build

This two-day seminar delivers new tools and insights that enable internal entrepreneurs to operate with greater ease and effectivess. Participants bring their actual ideas or projects to the course, and leave having made tangible progress.  Topics covered include:

  • The proven logic used by successful serial entrepreneurs for taking smart action when there is insufficient data to rely on traditional planning, and how that same logic can and should be used in large organizations
  • Tools and methods for acting quickly and managing and minimizing the risks of action in new or unknown territory
  • How to enroll and bring others along
  • How to use internal networks to build reputational capital and to provide personal support
  • How to design, test and validate ideas and otherwise maximize learning from every action taken.

Act Learn Build for Teams

Your company has done all of the right things to increase innovation.  You’ve created new processes.  You’ve trained people on new skills, and restructured the organization.  Yet you and your team are still not making the progress you want.  Things take too long to get done, decisions get bogged down in “maybes,” approvals and reporting requirements drain your energy, and the level of energy and urgency drips away because you know what is possible.  Little bumps become insurmountable mountains.

ALB For Teams enables teams operating in uncertain and unpredictable environments to flatten out those little bumps so you can take off with rapid, smart actions towards your goals – unobstructed.  This time-tested process erases the underlying causes of poor performance, enabling teams to dramatically accelerate progress towards their desired results.

How can you determine if this is a good fit for your team?   These are some of the most common underlying causes of poor team performance addressed in the program; some of them may be crippling your success:

  • Over-reliance on traditional planning when operating under conditions of high uncertainty and unpredictability
  • Misplaced “adherence to plan” when operating under rapidly changing conditions
  • Lack of engagement; achievement of the team’s desired results is not directly experienced by each team member as being connected to the fulfillment of their personal aspirations.
  • The distortion of current reality – for better or for worse – which greatly diminishes the quality of learning needed to inform next steps.
  • Attempts by teammates to optimize their respective functional or business roles, diminishing overall team performance
  • Failure by teammates to exhibit the levels of accountability, creativity and collaboration required for top performance.

ALB For Teams takes your team through a time-tested eight-step process.  These steps can be mastered in a three-day intensive, or over time with a one-day session followed by a series of structured team sessions accomplished on a weekly basis.  While we download important frameworks and tools to your team, this is not simply a training program.  It is a structured sequence of pro-active tasks and action steps built around your team’s real challenges and processes — and are proven to boost performance as well as vitalize energy and satisfaction.  The activities, each of which addresses one of the fundamental causes of poor performance, build new skills and capabilities and lay the foundation for continued improvement, using the course as a springboard for future innovation and productivity.

The Art of Insight

Successful innovation requires that your people are able to come up with fresh ideas and insights. All too often however, problem solving and decision-making are a laborious, forced experience that merely recycles old ideas.

Yet we have all experienced it: The jolt of an insight, arriving like a thunderclap. The metaphorical light bulb over your head as you drive to work, take a shower, or unload the dishwasher. These all-too-elusive “aha moments” come sporadically and without warning. But what if insights could be accessed more reliably in everyday life? In this program participants learn methods to make this possibility a reality.

Based on 15 years of research, and experience with colleagues and clients, The Art of Insight seminar presents practical methods for recognizing and cultivating an Insight State of Mind. These practices and exercises will enable you to cultivate a mindset where insights come readily, so that problems are solved with confidence and ease and new opportunities are more readily identified.

By workshop’s end participants will:

  • have experienced fresh thoughts and insights into problems you are facing
  • be able to access an Insight State of Mind and will start to return to this state of mind with increased frequency and without conscious attention
  • understand how to listen deeply for insights in yourself and others

Applying these capabilities to the work environment, participants will:

  • uncover novel solutions without working harder; complex problems will be routinely easier to resolve
  • notice an increase in comprehension while listening, (especially in meetings). Colleagues will seem more intelligent, insightful, and capable of original thought
  • be less bothered and distracted by adverse situations
  • find it easier to inspire/engage others, and to implement strategy more reliably

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