The Practice of Corporate Entrepreneurship is a compendium of notes, readings, and other material that have been prepared by Leonard Schlesinger, Baker Foundation Professor at the Harvard Business School, and me for our entrepreneurship students at universities and inside large organizations. It addresses material that is uncovered elsewhere, material that will help you if you are someone who has the desire to do something innovative, unprecedented, or even simply different, unfamiliar, or unusual within your organization. The desire can be for many things. Maybe you’ve got an idea you want to pursue that you think can make a difference to your customers or to your organization. Or you might be looking for a way of standing out among your peers to advance your career. Whatever the case, you have set out to do something unprecedented for you and your firm, and you want to do it safely for all parties involved while maximizing the likelihood of success. Think of it as a corporate entrepreneur’s survival manual. Although there is no recipe for success, by following the method of these notes, you will be much more likely to succeed if it’s in the cards.

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