Do you need more innovation and entrepreneurial activity?

Our clients have ambitious goals yet are faced with these all-too-familiar problems:

  • Early stage projects get stifled or mired in bureaucracy
  • Rigid financial or market requirements scuttle otherwise promising new products or services
  • Ideas with great potential seem to get shot down too early
  • Innovative actions get bogged down in labored and lengthy decision-making

These problems can be a consequence of treating an uncertain, unpredictable world as if it were predictable. When faced with highly unpredictable situations, you need a different approach, one that enables rapid and effective action.  Mastery of this approach new will enable you to achieve the performance you aspire to.

For more than 35 years Innovation Associates has helped Fortune 500 companies get at the root source of achieving extraordinary results and innovate beyond the bounds of their traditional businesses. We pioneered the field of organizational learning and we apply that expertise to help our clients:

  • become more entrepreneurial and innovative
  • successfully navigate uncertainty
  • develop exemplary leaders for turbulent times
  • develop teams capable of achieving breakthrough results

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